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Class - A
Professional Private Lessons

​Private teachers for every profession, private lessons all over the country

Math and Geometry Tools

Private teachers for every profession, private lessons all over the country

The Class-A team was formed to address the challenge of finding a professional private teacher who can cater to each student's needs and teaching style.


We prioritize building personal relationships to monitor progress and tailor our teaching style to each student's strengths, interests, and unique learning needs. Our goal is to help students achieve academic success with confidence and motivation, both inside and outside the classroom.

What do we teach?

Our team of teachers conducts private lessons in all subjects across the country.

Tutorials for students, matriculation, elementary, division, high school, enrichment for adults, classes for children, and more.



Contact us for an introductory conversation to build a personalized study program and monitor your progress and success


English lessons for elementary and high school students. Preparation for matriculation exams in English for all questionnaires. We also offer courses for Amir/psychometric tests and admission exams in English, as well as other courses.


Enrichment courses for elementary and high school students. Matriculation prep in computer science. Courses in game development, artificial intelligence, and more..


Science lessons in biology, biotech, and chemistry for elementary and high school students. Matriculation prep for those subjects. Academic courses in exact sciences, incl. medicine prep, physics, math, & more.


Math and physics lessons for elementary and division students. Matriculation prep in math and physics for all questionnaires. Engineering academic courses incl. Hadova, linear algebra, and more..

Some of the common lessons we teach

Graduation Ceremony

Student Recommendations

Our students are living proof of the professionalism and successes brought by the professional team of Class A.

"מורים מעולים, למדתי עם אלון והוא היה כ"כ ברור וגם במידה ולא הצלחתי לקלוט נושא מסוים, הוא הסביר אותו מזווית אחרת שתהיה ברורה יותר. בנוסף לכל, הוא לימד אותי לזהות את כיוון התשובה מניסוח השאלה. אלוף ומקצוען!".

אורי, תלמיד תיכון

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